Netherbyres House, Walled Garden

2015 - Present
Category B

Eyemouth is a charming fishing village around 5o miles South of Edinburgh on the east coast of the Scottish Borders.

Favouring cement stucco for many old building finishes, it does not contain many sites of great interest to a stone mason however there are a small number of exceptions including this walled garden a unique eliptical wall on one of the more prominent estates.

The ellipse at Netherbyres was probably designed by William Crow – a mathematician with a keen interest in horticulture, who inherited Netherbyres from his father in 1706, and returned from Edinburgh in 1720 to manage his estate. In a letter, dated 1740, to Dr Alstone (then Professor of Botany at Edinburgh University), Crow described his garden and in particular, his peaches, of which he had “… a wall 300ft long.” This peach wall is thought to have formed part of his elliptical layout.

We have been working on the consevation and restoration of this historical walled garden for many years.  On-going  lime repointing brick and stone replacement.

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