Monkton House Entrance

Situated right outside Edinburgh Monkton House holds an abundance of historical stone features and is a must visit for any history or stonemasonry fans.

High rubble retaining wall, rising into buttressed piers by drive entrance; urn finials. Square stone piers.

The sundial on the stable range was apparently brought from Carberry Tower, nearby, earlier this century (McWilliam). Roaring Well, mentioned by Maitland, lies in the courtyard, currently paved over. A stone urn in the garden, may possibly have served originally as a sink in the tower.

Client required the alteration of entrance gateway to allow safe access for buses from the Old Craighall Road B64215.

Due to the Cat A listing of the masonry it had to be photographically catalogued before starting work, individually marked as it was dismantled to correlate with photographs and reconstructed to match the original design.

Collaboration with Benjamin Tindall Architects.

At Monkton House, Thomas was able to follow our design and specifications to make a fine new entrance out of re-used and reclaimed material that kept the character of the original masonry in a way that feels just right. Benjamin Tindall Architects, May 2021.

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