T J Ferris Stonemasonry offer our services to Conservation Architects, Trusts & Bodies and a range of private clients looking to preserve and protect historic buildings. With a wide range of in-house skills and a select group of specialist suppliers providing everything from initial specialist Consultancy services through to the complete delivery of complex Conservation and Restoration projects.

Advisory works and Consultancy
Emergency on-site response following collapse/fire/flood etc
Hands on specialist conservation and restoration works
Undertaking works as both main contractor and specialist sub-contractor

Preventative conservation is the introduction of non-interventional measures and actions aimed at avoiding and minimising future deterioration or loss. These measures and actions are indirect – they do not interfere with the materials and structures of the items and do not affect or change their appearance. A preventative conservation approach can often relate to the management of the immediate environment (light, humidity, pollution and pest control), but can include education of staff on care and maintenance as well as public awareness.

Often the key to preventive works is managing the impact of environmental factors, including the removal of moss and algae’s – which may harbour moisture and exacerbate decay.

Remedial Conservation relates to all actions directly applied to a building aimed at stopping or slowing the current damaging processes it is subject to. Remedial actions are only carried out when the buildings fabric is in such a fragile condition or is deteriorating at such a rate, that they could be lost in a relatively short time. These interventions are intended to be minimal but may sometimes effect on the appearance.

Most of our work in this area revolves around the removal of inappropriate mortars and repairs. Cement was used in such abundance over the last 100 years and most of our work now requires its removal and replacement with a more appropriate lime mortar.

Each specific project has its own challenges and whilst there is not a rigid set of rules to adhere to in conservation, we try to apply the following general philosophy of approach to our work.

  • Minimal intervention is adhered to as much as possible.
  • Any intervention should be reversible wherever possible.
  • Like for like repairs where possible will be carried out and any new materials introduced, kept to an absolute minimum.
  • New repairs should not disturb the aesthetics of the architecture, but under scrutiny from a specialist should be visible.
  • Documentary evidence should be used wherever possible when carrying out replacements or repairs to avoid speculative work.
  • Care should be taken not to over clean a building or object to retain an air of historic integrity
  • Historic repairs where not causing damage to the building or object may be retained

I’ve known of Tom Ferris and his work for some time. I have used him for private work on my property – which this review covers – but as a Trustee of a Grade A heritage property in the Borders, I have recommended and used him for work on that elevated level of craftsmanship. I have also seen his work on at least three other Grade A properties. I regularly recommend him to Boards of Trustees and private individuals who own heritage properties. He worked for me on a private project, creating a curved wall as part of a new remodelling of an area of my property. He produced a result that is frequently praised by those who see it for the first time.

Brian Payne, 17th November 2019

We have used Thomas and his team several times do undertake stonework and other external repairs at Abbeyhill Baptist Church in Edinburgh. The building is over 100 years old now and the stonework needed significant work. Thomas undertook this work to a high quality, and several neighbours commented on how quiet the work was despite stonework repairs taking place. We have subsequently used Thomas’ services for other repairs to the building and recommend his services highly.

Abbeyhill Treasurer

Very pleased with the work. Polite and informative, thorough and tidy work. Would use again without hesitation.

John Young

Thomas and his team repaired, repointed and replaced the landing of our colony external stairs. As the render was removed from the step walls it became clear the steps were in greater disrepair than we thought. Thomas was quick to make the steps safe and clearly explained the additional works needed.

He also repaired some weathered stone work and removed old cement repairs repointing with the correct mortar.

Thomas and his team were polite and friendly and tidy.

Anonymous , 18th May 2022

I was made aware of T J Ferris Stonemasonry when I saw their work at Ayton Castle. I commissioned them to build a concave wall in my garden, which was completed within time and budget. Subsequently he has gone on to work on the Grade A listed walls on our estate. We would now use T J Ferris Stonemasonry as our first choice.

Brian, Eyemouth

Thomas and his team re-built our boundary wall which had been blown over by Storm Arwen. They did a fantastic job over 3 weeks using re-claimed bricks, and the result matches in perfectly with the original wall built over 80 years ago. David did a brilliant job of moulding the coping so that it matched and fitted in with the original coping. They are such a professional team, turning up at 7.30am every day, always cheery and very hard working. We are very pleased with the finished product. We would highly recommend.

Andy, 18th May 2022

Built a new porch on the front of the house . Foundations, block work walls and traditional timber roof with slates. Happy with finished building.

Neil , 16th November 2019

Stone walling altered and gate inserted in 6 ft high wall. Also dry stone walling repaired.

Thomas did the work brilliantly. His workmanship is precise and to be admired.

I would not use anyone else for any further work we will from time to time need doing on our cottage and walled gardens.

Sue Hunter, 19th November 2019

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